Thursday, 25 January 2007

happy ewan...sleepy lucia

Before christmas Ewan was very sad because his beloved Ferrari coat went missing. We searched high and low but it never turned up. So we sent an SOS to Uncle Mike and Aunty Jo (who had bought it for him in the first place) to see if they could buy a new one...

Well today a parcel arrived with a new coat and now there is a VERY happy Ewan!!!

Also don't you just love his little bear!!!

I wanted to take a picture of Lucia sleeping bc she looked so adorable but she woke up...but I think the pictures of her all tousled are equally cute..

mmm....need to get some more photo paper so I can scrap these photos. I seem to have a lot of ewan and lucia but they are around during the day by the time the others get home it is dark.

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