Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Artists Workshop

Wow!! A friend of mine asked me if I would give her daughter (5) some art lessons for her christmas present. She had got some pastels from Santa...so we did a pastel lesson. My children (except Jamie) joined in. One of the things we did was to look at an apple and try to pick out all the colours we could see. Just look at what they produced......so proud of them!!

Lucia Aged 18months

'Apple' By Ewan aged 3

'Crazy Apple' by Maddy aged 5

'Apple' by Phoebe aged 6

If you have children why not give them some *proper* art materials, explain how to look after it and then let them 'make some art'. As you can see little children can do the most amazing things if we give them the chance. (I am going to see if I can get Jamie to do one)

Or why don't you have a go...dust off the pastels and make some art.

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