Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year

I love thinking back over this last year and thinking of all the things I have done and been through. I am always truely amazed at how much I have been challenged and hopefully changed as a result!! I am so thankful to God for this last year and also for all the friends I have.

Last year I went free-lance with my scrapbooking classes once a week and was able to run all but two classes. I have to thank Ruth for believing in me and being there to help me set up and with general support during the classes. You are an absolute star!!! Sarah and Roey you win the prize for my most frequent class members!! (dont tell your husbands!!!!)

Julie, Liz, Jules, Verity, Lisa, Gillian and Trish in my bible study group....what an awsome, inspiring group you are. I love meeting up with you every week....and havent we gone far this past year!!! I have learnt more of how deeply God love each individual, more about appreciating differing points of view and most of all God wants the best for each of us and he will try every way he can to get through to us!!!

Verity, Lisa Becky, Terri, Tracey, Hayley and Carolyn without you there would be no toddler group!!! I have found your support invaluable. You are such fun to work with and let me get away with far too much!!!!! Tea ladies...what can I say you serve fabulous coffee and cakes always with a smile!! You are truely awsome!

Thank you for all the people who "treated" me to meals out, concerts, spa day, weekend know who you are. I pray that God will really bless you this year.

Finally my family...mad, loud, funny, exasperating, inspiring..... I love the times we have spent together....remember the Green Day when we did everything that was green for a day?...... Do you remember camping with the Williams and the motor boat breaking down and getting towed back?....a week with Granny and grandad Griffiths at Studland Bay?.....blackberry and apple picking when mummy got stuck up the apple tree?.....mad time at Granny and Grandad Saunders house with no less than 8 children and 6 adults staying!!!!....unexpectedly seeing Uncle Mike and Aunty Jo.......watching Uncle Paul perform in his band Amsterdam at the Liverpool Festival....what a great year! That was the condensed version!!!

Here's to more chilling and having fun in 2007 I know there will be lessons to learn and ups and downs but most of all there will be fun times.

"We have roses in the summer times so that we can have perfume in the winter time" (Author unknown)
"God has given us all we need to live the life He wants us to" The Bible

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