Thursday, 2 October 2008

just enjoying getting into the swing of term. I am finding that I am quite tired so there have been a few early nights, which has been frustrating bc I have wanted to do something fun. I am trying to sort out the house and keep on top of the m ounting pile of washing. I have come tho the conclusion that I need to reduce the amount of clothes we have. Another job to do!

I am very much wanting to do some sewing and keep searching for the opportunity to do something creative. So last week when I got up early there was a beautiful surprise for me. The mist had come down and covered the millions od spiders webs in our garden with little drops of water so I had great fun taking loads of pictures.

My motto : sometimes we are focussing so much on the big issues of life that we forget the beauty of live that comes in the small insignificant places.

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Marie R said...

Great photo Rachel!