Wednesday, 24 September 2008

autumn days

Well it really feels like autumn has set in doesnt it? When it is slightly cold and especially when it is wet outside I just want to snuggle up inside with some lovely warm home today we had a lovely meaty cottage pie with a blackberry and apple crumble. So yummy!

At the moment I am enjoying getting into the rhythm of school and the routine which comes from that. I did have a tidy house but over the weekend I had to attend to a tree in our garden and well nothing else got done!!!

I will take a picture tomorrow. I was one of those situations which Colin hates. He was mowing the lawn and I say I think I need to cut some brances off the tree as one of them has come a little loose. Colin was not so sure but said he would help. so armed with a somewhat blunt saw I started tackling the lower brances....It took awhile bc the saw was very blunt but once started I had to carry on. The first branch came down quite easily and then the next branch was more of a challenge!

Colin comes out of the house to find me halfway up the tree sawing the larger branch! all I can say is he is a very patient man!!!)

It ended up with a broken saw and the branch hanging precariously in the tree! So I borrowed a much better saw and a tree lopper the next day and fininshed the job...the pile of branches is taller than I am!

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Cat said...

Love the acorn photo... would love to scrap sometime. Are there ever crops in London? I'm going to the scrap convention this weekend at Alexandra Place--any chance you are going, too?