Saturday, 2 August 2008

holidays are here...

I have been knee deep in children, sorting and creating. So many things going on that my poor blogging site has seen no activity. There have been a few minor things which have kept me away from the computer....children playing games on the computer, no room on the hard disk (too many photos) so I cant download any of my new photos and my camera is broken (sob).

Yes that is my new camera...I had see a great shot , whipped my camera out and a very eager Jamie grabbed my arm to tell me something and.....crash down went my camera on the concrete! I can still take photos but my LCD screen is ruined and won't work so I have to sqint through the view finder which, with glasses, is always a challenge.

With the sunshine has come a desire to clear out things...starting with the garage. It has taken 7 boot loads to the dump to clear most of it and two trips to the charity shop. I have not even started on the loft!!!

When I have downloaded my new photos I will show you some of the activities I ahve been doing withthe children...involving sewing.

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Marie R said...

Hi Rachel sorry to hear about your camera. Just check your house contents insurance it may be covered on there! Fingers crossed.

Hope you are all ok.