Tuesday, 26 August 2008

just popping in...

Cousins annual photo shoot!

Phoebe and Callum

Andy and Pippa

Lucia peeping through a hole

Phoebe posing

The new cast of Dr Who!

I was looking back over my photos for the summer and found a few which I thought were fun. We have been clearing the hard disc on the computer so I have had very little time to blog. Also every time I come to use the computer one of the children is playing games on it, so I had to give up on blogging for a while.

I have been sorting the house out and making VERY slow progress. There is so much that needs sorting out after ths children have been home all summer!!

One little thing I did with them this year was make them each a little art bag (and one for me) I stocked it with a sketch book , pencils, paints and a coloured pencil roll. My bag has other things like pastels, charcoal, inks and different size brushes. It was lovely to see what they produced when given really nice equipment. We took the bags out on holiday and if they got board in the museums we sat down and drew things we saw.

Phoebe is away on camp this week so I am taking the opportunity of having a "spare " room and using her room to sort things out. Better get on!!

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