Tuesday, 24 June 2008

sort, tidy crash!

Ok maybe it is the sunshine, or maybe it is because I have less on this week but I have got a "sorting bug" (Colin is very happy). I have cleared out the freezer (which is now so bare it looks pitiful! haha) the linen cupboard, plastic box cupboard (ok that was my mum) and all the clothes are folded and put away (except mine) and I sorted the boys room out. I got a new bed for them from freecycle....a vintage bed as we call anything which is old, it sounds so much nicer! It is a wooden "stacking" bed which means there is a pull out bed underneath. So Jamie has the top one and we pull out the other one for Ewan. This way the floor space has just got bigger.
Loved thesephotos of our growing apples and plums. Hopefully there will be no bug attacks like the last two years. I had to strip the plum tree last year as it was infested but I am hoping I caught it in time to prevent it happening this year. There are loads of apple this year but the main problem is the children picking them too soon!

Love this photo of Ewan being Batman!!

I am now off to have a cuppa , make something and watch the tennis which I have been trying to watch for the last hour!!

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