Sunday, 22 June 2008

fun weekend

Someone said to me you need to make sure your life has punctuation. Sometime we need to have full stops (say no!), commas (pauses or breaks from things) and exclamation marks (fun things)

This weekend has been an exclamation mark for me. It has been a lovely time of chilling with family and friends.

Friday Phoebe had an inset day at scholl so we dropped Ewan and Lucia of at pre-school and went into Fleet to do some shopping. I had no things to get so it was totally Phoebe's choice of shops. We spent most of our time pouring over make up and jewelry in Clarie's Accessories and the at Maccachinos for a Hot Chocolate and Iced Coffee. We also visited tThe Walnut Tree which is the most gorgeous shop ever. It is full of beautifully crafted things and so inspirational.

My brother made a fleeting visit, which was really lovely as we have not seen him for ages. The children got out all the lego so they could build a tower. It usually ends up Mike building the tower and the children directing!!

We had our annual Eurovision Party (I know three weeks late!! We were busy when it was on) I was such a lovely evening. I quickly decorated the lounge and put out a box of props to dress up in. We had not had much time to get it ready but somehow it just worked and it was really good fun seeing all the "interesting acts". Noticed a trend of black leather and silver shimmy skirts!

Today we went to the park to fly Jamie's new enormous kite. We try to think of things we can do which are exclusive to each child

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