Monday, 2 July 2007

rain, rain go away....

is it just me or is anyone else just a little tired of all the rain?

I had to take one of our cars for an MOT today which meant walking everywhere (got my exercise today!!) I was hot then cold, coat on coat off, brilliant sunshine....chucking it down with rain. We (me and the children) went to the park after Phoebe's ballet as it was earlier today.

There was blue sky and bright sunshine...thay had so much fun and then suddenly the clouds came over and it tipped it down. We walked home in the rain, which was quite fun as it was warm! But just so unpredictable.

I wish I had had my camera as Lucia was prancing around the playground in a spotty tutu and pink sparkly wellies!! I must get a photo of that!!

So what have you all been doing I haven't heard from anyone...anyone been away somewhere nice? or going somewhere on holiday? let me know!

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