Tuesday, 3 July 2007

just love this...

was reading some other people's blogs yesterday and I came across this post about *idleness vs industrious* and just thought it was great. I have felt so tired that although I have wanted to create I have not had the energy....there is the answer I just need to be a little more idle.

So tonight I was! I sat down and watched TV without anything to do while I was watching (yes Liz I did!!)

I'm sure I could have done many more useful things or more interesting but I just needed to sit down with no agenda. And I feel better for it.

So my advice if you are too busy find some idle time!
Love this picture of Jamie taken at Virginia Waters (no! not taken this month as you will notice he is not in waterproofs!!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,
I know how you feel, I am simply pooped. I literally have not stopped since I can't remember! I've done two birthdays, two parties, granny in hospital-v poorly-multiple visits, two parents evenings, 2 outings to London(admittedly one was purely for me-went to Dirty Dancing- boy was it ever good!)and all the usual things that go without being said!!
Pooped........ totally!
The kids want to play outside but can't all the time because of the rain. I'm getting S.A.D because of the lack of sunshaine.
Bridget x

Marie R said...

Hi Rachel

Did you ever manage to get the Back to Nature stamps by Rhonna Farrer? I bought some recently from Angel Crafts. They had loads of lovely clear stamps. I also bought some by Katie something, can't remember her name! There are different 'bits' of flowers, petals, stems and middles etc so that you can make your own. Can't wait to play with them, haven't had time yet.

Hope you are ok. 'Auntie Steffi' really enjoyed the crop.