Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Question 3# from Carolyn

"If you could have dinner with five famous people (dead or alive) who would they be and why?"

Ok ...so good question ...took me AGES to come up with my top five. I just couldn't decide ...but here they are...

Leonardo da Vinci...this man was amazing. Not only was he and awesome artist, he was an engineer, inventor, writer, philosopher...the list goes on. I love his lateral thinking and ability not to go along with the current thinking of the time but to explore new ways of doing things. His attention to detail is phenomenal. (picture is from his sketch book)

Jonny Depp...such a varied actor and so funny and quirky!! I love him in Pirates of the Caribbean. I think he would liven up a dinner party!!

Amy Carmichael....she gave up a comfortable life and went to work in India. She did an amazing work rescuing children from forced prostitution in Hindu temples and setting up schools and places where they could live. She was passionate about God and wrote some amazing books which are worth reading. I have been so challenged by some of her quotes especially from a book called Edges of His Ways'

Barbara Hularicki who was behind Biba. I recently discovered her in research I did for a class on the sixties. She turned fashion on its head making cutting edge fashion assessable to the masses for affordable prices. She also didn't follow the trends of the day but did her own thing mixing vintage with modern.

Elsie Flannigan...I love her style of scrapbooking even though I can't do it !! I also love her sense of fun and vibrancy that comes across in her work. She has good taste in music and always has something fun on her blog. She also takes fantastic pictures of all sorts of things. I am amazed at her ability to see something she wants to do and then achieve it.

When I looked back at the list I noticed that they were all people who went/or go a different way from the rest of society. Lateral, creative, challenging thinkers. I like people who are a bit different bc they make me think.

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