Thursday, 29 March 2007

funny week...

I have had a really weird week. I have had lots on my mind so I have really struggled to focus on anything. I have found this really frustrating bc I hate having non productive days or weeks. The house was annoying know when the odd pile if paper becomes more than one and then suddenly its....annoying!!!

So poor Colin arrived home tonight to find the whole lounge in turmoil....and me re-arranging all the furniture!! Not what he wanted to see...anyway now it is all nearly sorted it look so much better!!!! And I feel so much better!! And I downloaded my lastest photos and fell about laughing!!! Just look at these...
Jamies *new eyes*....."

(lotto sign) "Mummy look they have put a sign up to say we can play here!!" Jamie

Lucia getting all hairy!!

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