Thursday, 22 March 2007

dinosaurs and flowers in the snow..

I wanted to let the children have a little play in the falling snow today (although is was quite wet snow) so we went to school early. When we arrived at school we found a stranded dinosaur in the snow. Ewan and Jamie had great fun making an igloo for this dinosaur!!! i love hearing their make-believe stories and the voices they make when they are playing. also it is nice to see them playing together without fighting!!

(Poor Ewan has got such a nasty bruise on his head from when he fell over on Sunday.)

On the way to school I was trying out my new camera (old one broke) No unfortunately the nice canon one i wanted was not in the budget, someone gave us this one...just another simple one but it is amazing what you can do with it. I was trying out the macro setting and got some great shots of flowers in the snow


Just notice on Ali's website she has posted instructions for a mini book which looks lovely take a peak.

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