Monday, 5 February 2007

they can be so funny....

Jamie: mummy when can we swap houses?
Me: Don't you like our house?
Jamie: Yes but when can we swap just for a little bit.
Me: What don't you like ?
Jamie: (pause) I don't like all the bits that aren't finished!!
Me: What bits especially do you think need finishing? (oh help nearly the whole house)
Jamie: The things that are wood and need painting like the doors in the kitchen.
(fri 2 feb)

Phoebe and Jamie are watching tv when an ad comes on for a band called 'The Feeling'
Phoebe: Oh I love this band
Jamie: Yeh! this is my favourite band....mummy when can we buy the band?

Ewan at pre-school was playing with some dinosuars. They were all different colours and they had houses which they went in...after playing for a while he picked up two dinosuars and looked at them...his teacher said he had a eureka moment when the light went on and he noticed that they were both the same. ....he then paired up all the dinosuars and arranged them around the table. Stephanie, his teacher said she had never seen a child have that moment before and it was amazing to watch. Also when he does something good he sort of jumps up and punched the air with both hands.

Jamie and Phoebe have to clear the table after they tackled it by singing all the way through (they did an amazing job)

Lucia decided that diving head first off the arm of the sofa was a good game until she really fell off and banged her head. Mum was not so pleased as it meant a trip to casualty.....but having said that we left home before 6 and were home just after 7 having seen a nurse and a doctor which I think was briiliant. (Frimley has its own childrens A&E) Lucia was most put out that we had to leave so soon because she wanted to play with the toys!!

Well that was my day..hopefully tomorrow will not be quite so eventful...I have my doubts!!

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Cath said...

You've gotta love kids!