Saturday, 10 February 2007

thanks again....

I love going to the Odiham crop bc I always have so much fun. I am always inspired and find out about new products. Where were those postmark stamps from Shauna?
Well done everyone who did the class...I hope I haven't put you off making more of these albums. They all looked great. I wish I had managed to get a photo of everyones. When you have finished you could e-mail me a picture of the finished result. (This one is Bridgets)

What the kids did...
When I got home there was the ususal chaos but Jamie and Ewan made me laugh. They were playing a game of 'making faces' at each other. The more they did it the more they laughed. It was a real uncontrolable giggling which was so contagious. You gotto love 'em.

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Anonymous said...

bless you, I showed Joe and he was so excited...he thinks he's famous now! Had I known you were taking a full length shot of me...I would have breathed in!
You didn't put me off doing more..I think I just need to measure things a little more carefully next time.
I gave the album to Darron(hubbie) as an early Valentine and it made him cry!!!!!! Ahhhh,bless
See you next month