Thursday, 8 February 2007


I was thinking about doing this the other day and looked on Elsie's blog and she had listed music they were listening to so I have listed my favourite artists or ones I have heard and like. Most of the music I listen to is on the radio so it is quite random!!

Amsterdam Colins sister is going out with Paul Hagen one of the band members bit I really like their sound. Need to get the album though!! I like 'Takin' on the World'...makes you want to dance.

Cara Dillon I listen to this album when I want to chill out or be inspired. She has such a beautiful voice, so clear.

Lou Fellingham Love this album. It is mellow and really inspiring. Love having it on first thing in the morning or whilst I am working.

Matt Redman This guy is so gifted and challenging in his lyrics. Love it.

The Feeling Jamie and Phoebe fav band. This is the band Jamie wants to buy!!

Mika being played a lot over the radio at the moment very catchy.. only heard two songs but they are different. The kind that stick in your head all day!!

Dido Life for Rent This is my favourie album for scrapping to. It never fails to to get me in the groove.

Norah Jones This is my fav chill out album.

Keane Just so talented

Coldplay Although is always sound sad I can't help but like the great sound of this band.

George Winston This is my favourite classical album. I can't get my fav song bc it is not listed. It is Merry Go Round on the album 'Plains' bc it reminds me of Elisha dancing. (my daughter who died) Velveteen Rabbit is very close in style to it.

KT Tunstall Phoebes fav band. This is very upbeat...good for motivating me!

Sixpence None the Richer. This is a lovely feel good album..old but I like it.

Sandi Thom such funky upbeat tunes.

Razorlight Colin got this for christmas but I'm always listening to it

U2 this is for Colin...he loves this band. We had so much fun when we went to their concert I remember jumping up and down to this song 'Vertigo.'

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Jools said...

Oh, I am soooo with you on the Lou Fellingham CD. Really speaks to me and I find it really comforting. I play it quite often whilst I'm working too!