Thursday, 8 February 2007

more snow...

Oh more snow....what fun!! We were out again early playing in the snow. I had made sure to charge my batteries up but when I put them in they didn't work arrgh!! I had to charge the spares up quickly.

Other things like having only one boot of three different pairs of wellies....sorting out if Sunbeams would still run...listening to the radio to see if school was closed and getting everyone ready and out of the house...trying to push a double buggy in the snow... all things which have made today an interesting day!! School was on, so was toddler group and now the sun has come out all that lovely snow is melting. What a shame I wish it would stay long enough to go and play in it properly. We enjoyed it while it was here.

Colin had a course in London which was a shame as he wanted to play in the snow ith the children this morning and he had to leave at 6:45 so he could get his train.

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