Thursday, 13 November 2008

long time I know...

I have been rather busy lately and trying to fit too much in but as I have a moment I thought I would blog!

Thought I would share these. We had or photos taken by Andy Teo from Photocillin. We had such fun!

I had a string of bad school photos this year. Lucia's was the only nice one so I was delighted with these!

Yes Christmas is not far away!!!

I am doing an online craft class with the lovely Elsie as part of my birthday present. I know I can hear you say you are too busy. I have found that over the last few months I have craved some creativity. This class is lots of little projects which take very little time, so I can be creative on a tight time schedule.

I am going on a saturday crop to Burfield and taking my shop. I have quite a lot of new things so I post them up soon. If you like something then send me a message and I will arrange to post it to you.

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