Thursday, 4 September 2008


Today was Jamies first day at the Junior school. He looked so hansome in his uniform and so little. His back pack was nearly as big as him which was quite funny. We had to go in slightly later and he lined up on the playground by his new teacher and went in with out a care in the world....not a backward glance.

What was really lovely...I was in work today but not teaching, so I had little peeps of him all through out the day. Every time I saw him he was smiling and seemed to be enjoying himself. Jamie is like that when everything is going well he is very contented and happy, when it is not he is a bit of a rain cloud!

I will try to get a picture tomorrow as I was trying to get to work today I didnt have time for a photo...very unlike me!:)
Phoebe loves her two new teachers and was full of it today....just a few weeks and Ewan will be at school too. Looking forward to him starting but for now I need to start tidying the house for the home visit on Friday (thank goodness it was friday not monday!!!)

Just to give you some thing to look at I love this....soo cute!

and these...

I need to go and make something.....

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Cat said...

Love the cupcakes and the little kitchen!