Thursday, 4 October 2007


..."these things come once in a childhood and then the moment passes never to return"....


Lucia, one day I will look back
remember and laugh
now it is an inconvenience,
extra work
and frustrating.

I want to enjoy these moments
not get angry and cross
because most of the time
you don't mean to be naughty
it's your way of having fun.

I need to see the world
from your perspective
in colour, texture, noise
To find enjoyment in the
exploring rather than
the completion.

Lucia I want to remember
and laugh at today
to see your enjoyment
and sense of fun
because one day
this moment will have passed.

Rachel Saunders

The photo is of Lucia and an empty packet of sugar puffs all over the of the countless meddling things she gets up to DAILY. Photo went wrong in processing but I like it like this!

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