Saturday, 27 October 2007

autumn moment

yesterday we went out for a walk...children complained and moaned at the prospect and looking outside it did not look promising...very dull and a little misty but I insisted (partly for my sanity!)

We met up with Vanessa and her two girls and walked around the airfield near our house. Part way along the children dived into a small path and began to explore through the forest. It was great fun following the path and finding out where it went and the children were all making up little games as they went. Finally we came to a field. It was enclosed on three sides by tree and opened out onto field on the fourth, with gorgeous views. It was hushed and quiet even with 6 children there as the damp air seemed to absorb the sound. The children rushed to the far end of the field to look at the horses. after a little while the horses came over and they spent a blissful half and hour feeding them grass.

The walk back was great as we found a very muddy you know what we were gone for about 2 1/2 hours and no one complained!!! Even Lucia (with a little help) walked all the way!

The thought of going out in the cold and damp is not always pleasant but the children had such a special time it is something I will be repeating!!

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