Sunday, 8 July 2007

telling the stories....
I have been doing this album for some friends of mine to celebrate their 20th Wedding Anniversary. The only thing is... I can't show any of the layouts online in case they see them.

One layout I did do was called "In the Beginning" or it could be called "The First..." This one has a photo of them when they were first together and tells the stories of...the first time they met, the first date, when they got engaged.

It was such fun that I am going to do one about me and Colin and then my parent and Colin's parents.

These are the stories we should be preserving, the *bread and butter* relationship stories about our families, stories which make you smile and laugh.

I have been wanting to record things about my family tree but it has seemed too much and I have not known where to start.

This is a great place to start as it is easy and very specific. Why not have a go. See how many people in your family tree you can find these stories for and then....

*tell the story*

I would love to hear them....

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