Monday, 16 July 2007

little pickle....

what can I say .... as fast as I tidy up, sort out, put away, Lucia with her charming smile and blond hair comes and tips out, messes up, and generally destroys.

I have never known a child quite like her (although she does remind me of Elisha) the only word to describe her is marauding. She wanders round and meddles with anything and everything she can find....So this week we have had

* a whole box of honey puffs tipped out on the floor

* turn the washing machine on with nothing in it

* tipped out a box of toys I was sorting twice

* taken the cushions off the sofa more times than I can count

* raided the pringles

* pulled all the heads off my geraniums

* thrown numerous things on the floor

* refused to eat dinner and thrown it on the floor

* escaped from her buggy with alarming speed

* poured water all over the kitchen floor

* eaten a whole box of jaffa cakes with Ewan

* thrown a soft dolly in a swimming pool

Say no more I think that is quite enough for you to get the picture!!!

I am getting quite worried about the holidays...she might just drive me a little crazy! Any ideas of what I can do?

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Marie R said...

Send her to Auntie Steffi's for a week!!! Then she can add 'letting the rats out' to her list. M & Z would love it!!!!