Tuesday, 12 June 2007


When the children arrive I had decorated the hall and we had music from Pirates of the Caribbean playing. Each child was given a pirate name and put on a "boat".
They all had a map to plot the route on and a mini flag to make.

I sent them on a treasure hunt all around the grounds. At each point they found a part of the pirate costume and at the end they found the treasure in a black wooden chest that I have. the only thing I forgot to do was give them their loot bags!! So I hid them at the end near the treasure.

After that we played some games. One was sea legs which is a relay race where you have to run round with your head on a stick and then run to the end. By the time you have run around the stick you feel very dizzy!

Then we did another relay where you had to walk along a wooden plank on the ground and throw a water balloon to the next person....quite nice as it was so hot.
by the next game it was getting too hot and the "crews"were getting mutinous so we did our last activity....
Each team was given cardboard boxes and masking tape and asked to make a boat they could sit in. This was such fun and then they had their tea in the boats. For the food I had give out cards with the invitations with food choices on. Each child then got a named bag with their food in it...also rubbish all went in the bag so their was not much mess to tidy up.
Jamie's cake was a boat....
Party bag was the loot bag and contents.

It was fun and I definitely could not have done it with out the help of friends and family...so thank you so much to all who helped I could not have done it without you.


Auntie Steffi said...

Zachary really enjoyed the party and especially the loot bag. He looked fabulous (dahling!!) wearing his gold chain and massive sapphire ring round Tesco this evening! Truly a sight to behold!!

Marie R said...

Sounds a fab party Rachel. I know Zachary loved it, Stephanie sent me some photos of him in his costume. I don't know about the gold chain and sapphire ring but the gold earring was something else!!!!!! How on earth did he manage to keep his head up?!

Love your photies it looks like everyone waas having a great time especially the grown ups!