Saturday, 16 June 2007


downer..washing machine which was on its way out finally stopped working with a dramatic spin and nasty burning smell!! (at least it was at the end of the considerate!) New washing machine is not coming until tuesday so it was down to the laundrette this morning.
I managed to stuff my entire wash into two machines.....just!! 40 mins later it was done -wish my normal washing was that quick!

Normally I wouldn't bother but Colin and I are going away Monday and Tuesday, so I need to make sure there is enough clothes for the children while my parents are looking after them!

Came up with a funny game...I put the dirty sheets in the bath with water and soap and the children had a fantastic game running, jumping and squashing the kept them busy for ages and now I have clean sheets and duvet cover!!!
Got two things in the CK magazine....fab and a parcel with some Elsie, Cosmo Cricket and Crate paper...yum! Only problem I have to tidy up and I just want to go and play!!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh I love Elsie buttons! Might have to have a treat!

Marie R said...

Me too! Have asked Auntie Steffi to find out where to get them!