Saturday, 3 March 2007

Who wants some goodies?

I have been sorting out my studio...and rearranging everything. So liking it!!! I have found lots of goodies that I had forgotten about so.. I thought I would give somethings away. :)
If you want a little parcel then post a question for me before next friday (you have a nearly a week!!) can be about scrapping, myself, classes...
You think of a good one and I will choose five questions to get posting!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel

Its Carolyn my question is

"If you could have dinner with five famous people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?"

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach,
It's Bridget,the question is......

"What do you secretly watch on the TV(or it could be a film if you don't watch much TV) when no-one else is around"

B x

Anonymous said...

Just thought of another one...what about "What was the last (little) fib you told"
Hope you feel better soon,sorry we'll miss you at Odiham on Sat..It's my b'day and I was bringing cakes and now you'll miss out...You'll have to bake another one now to make up for your losses.
B xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

Not a very inspiring question but here long have you been scrapbooking and how many layouts have you done?

I hope your washing pile is shrinking fast! I'm very impressed even after a week of illness & the build up of housework you still manage to scrapbook!

Anonymous said...


Here's another one (you might wonder where on earth this one came from!!!!!).......

Who's poster did you have on your bedroom wall as a teenager?

We've been talking about Take That's amazing comeback & how much we like their singles! Yes I know, they were cheesy pop!!! but they are sooo good now & it got us talking about being a Wham fan or a Brosette!!!!
Me? I was madly in love with George Michael so definately Wham.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel
I would like to do an album of our holiday in Paris. The photos was taken over a week and obviously in lots of different locations, so I can't really use the same colours to create a running theme. What other ideas do you have to make the pages look like a unit?
Thx Willina

limas said...

Hi Rachel,

2 questions for you whats

"the strangest thing you've scrapped?" and "the wackiest LO title?"