Tuesday, 6 March 2007

make-up, mud, washing powder and knitting....

ohh my two younger ones have been UP TO MISCHIEF the last two days!! it involves lots of mud , make-up and washing powder.....knitting is something me and phoebe have started learning. Will post more details later!!
So yesterday it was a lovely day ...I thought Ewan and Lucia could play in the garden that would be nice....mmmm..they had a lovely time digging a hole in the lawn and making a mud hole. I don't mind the mud really as they were having so much fun, it was the pot hole they had created. I managed to divert them to another area of the garden...which kept them happy for awhile.

I love this picture of Ewan...just gotta scrap it!! Sooo full of mischief!!

Well today the monkeys found Phoebes make-up and put it on each other....unfortunately they wouldn't co-operate for photos. Then Lucia found the washing powder and started pouring it on the floor and making patterns...fun for her but not so amusing for me....did just manage to see the funny side!

Positive thing my friend Sarah has been resisting scrapbooking set down a challenge...if I could learn to knit she would have a go at a mini album....she came ove today to teach me and Phoebe. I learnt how to knit a flower....looks so cute!! Phoebe picked it up really well and is knitting a square.

Loving the questions... I am glad I put friday as the deadline as it gives me a chance to think about the answers!!! I wonder who it will be? :)

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