Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Things that make me happy...

Lucia's shoes from granny and grandad in little tools bag (red of course)...gorgeous silk and velvet of my paintings...walking home from school in sunshine instead of rain...jamie's drawing of a house for me.... thomas the tank engine dvd (Ewans favourite) car because it means freedom to get out!!...invitation today from ross and jules to ross's birthday party at the coolest place in town-pennyhill park (thanks so looking forward to that) .....listening to the radio...spending time with phoebe jewelry making at her girls club, such a funny photo notice the horns on our head we stood in just the wrong(or right) place!!! haha...dolls house (phoebes fav)....i love you book (jamies fav)...lucia in her reindeer antlers, her fav thing today was apricots because she kept raiding the fridge for them....fianally our "family" carving because it reminds me that I have five children even though one (elisha) is in is sad too but reminds me of her happy nature and constant energy which always makes me smile...what things make you happy?

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