Friday, 12 January 2007

grumpy ...happy moments

happy...phoebe 'tidied' up my pj's and folded them and put them under my pillow so that when I went to bed they were 'nice and neat'.
grumpy...being woken up twice in the night by Ewan.
happy...walking to school without any rain or wind.
grumpy...lots of fights to separate before we got out of the door!!! Ewan and Jamie, I think Jamie is a bit tired
happy...having two friends over for a quick coffee, chat and prayer time before the day really gets going
grumpy... Lucia managed to mix up all the reward pasta jars and as I was sorting this out tipped pineapple juice over her, down the fridge and on the floor.
happy...knock at door and my scrapping parcel had come! (Not the one from America)
grumpy...hauling Lucia out of the fridge for the 10th time
happy...playing hide and seek with Lucia and listening to her giggle
grumpy...can't get my class teaching timetable sorted out. Need inspiration
happy....only one child awake...Ewan playing
happy....its Friday
happy....scrapping tomorrow!!
OK its not all that bad, just a funny way of looking at my day so far!

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