Friday, 5 January 2007

Evidence of Lucia.....

is all around! After she has gone for her nap or gone to bed I find not just the usual toys (which she leaves plenty of) No, I am talking about the more bizzare bits of evidence like.....bitten and chewed parsnips, onions, and leeks...or the trail of garlic cloves across the kitchen floor.... a toy carefully placed among the jars in the fridge...the ar posted in the video (ok thats pretty standard!).....balls placed in my shoes....forks in the washing machine....the list could go on.

I have come to the conclusion that Lucia shares the same sense of purpose and unique personality as her big sister Elisha ou world shes coming and shes got purpose, determination and style!!!

Hysterical moment! I was helping Ewan get ready for his bath and I heard a small splash. Turned around to see Lucia in the bath fully clothed. She had got the bath toy box and pushed it over to the edge of the bath and sort of climbed and rolled in!

See what I mean ingenious!!!

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