Monday, 22 January 2007

back to reality with a bump!!!!

Today has been so hectic. I had a deadline for something I was doing (which I should have finished on friday but you know me!!) Then Colin had a doctors appointment for him and Jamie...just routine but it was around 10. This threw my whole morning out of sync...funny how something so small can affect you. Anyway I got my job done and posted and this evening I finished my tax return yeh!! Two massive jobs out of the way...I feel *so* much better!!

Only slightly worriying thing I forgot one piece of rather important paper in my parcel...the lady at the post office said the parcel would not be collected until 12 noon tomorrow so I am going to go down and see if I can add the *one* bit of least I remembered in time!!!

The week end was really fun. I was with a group of people who are so great to scrap with. One of my friends won the prize for the best go Jeannette (only been scrapping for a year!.. she was on my first beginners course...i feel so happy for her :)

I did some lo's for the challenge and played around with some are a few of my lo's. On the one with the girls I used the new basic grey Blush range. so so lovely... but I did not have a piece which went with I made my own...not difficult..why not have a go!

Get some cardstock..acrylic paint and your favourite stamps. Just print a repeating pattern all over the paper , cut it up and use it with another patterned paper. If it loks too bright, when it has dried put a wash of diluted paint over the whole design.


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